Discussion forum for members of the Massachusetts Bay Organizational Development Learning Group

Thursday, August 23, 2007

How can OD practice benefit from the use of the arts?

Our August 21 program was on “OD Meets the Arts”. Our four presenters illustrated the use of one of the arts in organizational contexts and then served as a panel of experts for general discussion on connections between the arts and organizational development.

Crystal Brown of Arts for All Occasions explained how she has linked art and OD in the context of the insurance industry and the importance of the arts in the workplace.

John Cimino of Creative Leaps showed how music can promote leadership, creativity and renewal and be a powerful source of insight and transformation.

Jonathan Mirin of Piti Theatre Company traced the connections his training experience as an actor and his organizational development work.

Storyteller Laura Packer offered a discussion on why stories matter in organizations and demonstrated the power of listening to and telling stories.

Those attended found this to be a rich and stimulating learning opportunity. We’ve made our Question of the Month the overall theme: How can OD practice benefit from the use of the arts?

Jim Murphy