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Friday, August 08, 2008

Presencing, Theory U and Deep Change

At our July meeting, I wished very hard to win the drawing and it happened! The prize was Otto Scharmer’s book, Theory U: Learning from the Future As It Emerges, published by the Society for Organizational Learning in 2007. One of the requirements for receiving the book is to make a post to the blog, which I’m happy to do.

The “U process” is based on a concept Otto Scharmer calls “presencing”—a blend of the words “presence” and “sensing,” a heightened state of attention that allows individuals and groups to shift the inner place from which they function. The shift requires, among other things, slowing down, employing “generative listening,” and shifting from reactive responses and quick fixes on a symptoms level to “generative responses” that address the systemic root issues—the single most important leadership challenge of our time, per Scharmer.

Look for more learning in my next post, after I receive the book! In the meantime, you can download an executive summary of Theory U from http://www.theoryu.com/.

Lisa Kleitz

Leadership Development Consultant, Executive/Leadership/Team Coach



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