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Monday, January 30, 2006

How can we create more od careers and work (cont.)

Mass Bay ODLG

The Hot Topics Group at January 19 meeting, headed by Bruce Hoppe and C. Hill, developed some ideas for those interested in Creativity (Idea finding) and Innovation (Idea application). As a follow-up and help OD practitioners become adept at creativity and innovation, I am recommending some websites:

Creax at http://www.creax.net/ under free tools select "Creativity & Innovation Portal." What you will find is about 700 websites dealing with creativity and innovation. The list itself is a wonderful portrait of the field.

The TRIZ Journal at http://www.triz-journal.com is my second recommendation. TRIZ is a theory of systematic innovation that arose in Russia and now is glowing red hot across the globe. OD philosophy, values and skills are needed for successful implementation. The TRIZ Journal is free and all back issues are available.

jim webber

Friday, January 20, 2006

How can we create more OD careers and work?

Our January 19 meeting was on a perennial topic: “Careers and Work” in OD. This time we used our “six small groups” format and shared ideas on various themes. In addition, we considered various Learning Group resources in this area and brainstormed on some more that we could develop.

A slight revision of the program title serves as an excellent Question of the Month. What can we do, as individuals and as an organization, to create more opportunities for OD practice? We invite your ideas and suggestions!

In addition, each of six discussion groups reported back one idea (“one” was defined rather generously by some groups!) for further consideration. These provide more excellent discussion questions, viz.:

From the section on “What Should I Do to Improve My Grounding and Skills in OD?” came the following questions:

How can we promote continuous learning and informal learning?

How can improve measurement and evaluation of OD interventions?

From the section on “How Can I Find an Entry Level Job in OD” came the following question:

How can we create a “taxonomy of OD” skills and provide learning based on way members have acquired these skills?

From the section on “Should I Be an OD Consultant” came the following questions:

How we can provide learning opportunities whereby members could see OD consulting in action?

How can we learn about options for customized programs in areas such 360 evaluation?

From the section on “How Can I Improve My OD Consulting Practice?” came the following question:

How we can develop a business model that does justice to our passions?

From the section on “What Are the Hot New Practice Areas in OD?” came the following questions:

How can meet the need for effective models and method for leadership development?

How can we address the persistent failure of mergers and acquisitions due to lack of consideration of the organizational culture?

How we maintain humor in OD practice?

From the section on “Are OD and HR Allies and Enemies?” came the following question:

How can OD facilitate honest conversations to create systematic changes for the solutions that HR provides?

We will be providing documentation and taking some action steps to work on these issues. Your thoughts can contribute significantly to those efforts!