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Friday, August 22, 2008

How can overcome the fear created by conflict situations?

Our August 21 program was on “Four Models for Conflict Resolution”. Deborah Bercume of Bercume Associates presented on “DiSC Indra,” Carol Bergeron of Bergeron Associates on “A Practical Approach to Conflict Resolution,” Debora Harkins of Harkins Coaching and Associates on “The Relationship Between Conflict Resolution and Diversity,” and Claudia Lach of Lach Training & Consulting on “The Consultant as Mediator”.

After the presentations we had a whole group session. In an experiment probably worth repeating, we solicited discussion questions in advance, producing a list longer than we could handle in the available time. Indeed, we were able only to consider one of them, which we have made our Question of the Month. But of course our blog allows us not only to consider this question more fully (and for participation by members unable to attend) but also to discuss any ideas members may have on conflict resolution and organizational development.

So join in and suggest new questions. The other questions were as follows:

· How can we measure impact, effectiveness and outcomes of conflict resolution strategies, tools and interventions?

· How can we demonstrate the value that we as consultants or internal OD practitioners bring to the organization?

· How can we "sell" or influence conflict management practices at all levels of the organization?

· How does a tool like Disc (or MBTI for that matter) which lead to an understanding of people's differences help in conflict resolution, particularly in the moment of the conflict?

· When there are approaches and methods that focus on the common ground (80% of what we agree), how does conflict resolution work?

Jim Murphy


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