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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Play rehearsal

Our rehearsal last week felt like we were becoming actors. We practice reading lines in "one of 1,000 different ways". It is a good way to remember about there not necessarily being a "right way" to do something.

Mimi McGrath
Cast Member
December 2006 Learning Group Program
"What a Way to Make a Living"
Play by Barry Oshry

Friday, September 15, 2006

What can organizational development practitioners learn from Knowledge Management?

Our September 14 program meeting was on “OD Meets KM” and was presented by Patti Anklam and Bruce Hoppe. We learned what knowledge management is and we discussed how it relates to OD. We explored the Learning Group Directory system as a tool for knowledge management and talked about issues relating to KM in our practice, including finding people and being found, making sense out of the wealth of currently available information, and ethical issues relating to organizational information.

KM involves many concepts (such as learning organization) practice areas (such talent acquisition) associated with OD. We have thus chosen as our Question of the Month, “What can organizational development practitioners learn from Knowledge Management?”

Certainly, too, as was observed at the meeting, KM practitioners can learn from organizational development! Perhaps someone has something to suggest on that topic as well.

Jim Murphy