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Sunday, February 18, 2007

What makes leaders effective?

Our February 15 “Leadership Agility” program meeting was led by Bill Joiner of ChangeWise. Bill showed us the Leadership Agility model and how to conduct an assessment of the five levels of leadership agility.

Leadership agility is a vital quality in today’s world of fast-paced change and growing complexity. The model recognizes nine stages of development that leaders go through (explorer, enthusiast, operator, conformer, expert, achiever, catalyst, co-creator, and synergist) and four leadership agility competencies (context-setting agility, stakeholder agility, and self-leadership agility). It is more fully explicated in the book Leadership Agility, written by Bill and Stephen Josephs and the subject of the blog AgilityMuse.

Expanding upon the theme of this very well received program, our Question of the Month is thus, “What makes leaders effective?”

Jim Murphy